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November and December 1954! The 1st Trumpet editions published by THS:   


THS Class Reunions, Pictures:

   THS Annadale Mini Reunion


   THS Class of 1957 50th Reunion


                THS Class of 1959 40th Reunion

                THS Class of 1960/1961 50th/49th Reunion Page 1

                THS Class of 1960/1961 50th/49th Reunion Page 2

                THS Class of 1960/1961 50th/49th Reunion Page 3

                Pictures from Fontaine C. Piper's Google Drive for the pre-event


                THS Class of 1962 40th Reunion


THS Class of 1963 45th Reunion

THS Class of 1965 40th Reunion

New Dorp High School Class of 1986 20th Reunion

THS Class of 1986 20th Reunion


Before & After Pages:

1956 Before & After Page

1957 Before & After Page

1958 Before & After Page


1960 Before & After Page


Digitized Yearbooks: The 1960 Purple Parrot is available on CD.

Contact: Ernest  Friese


Copies of the 1947 & 1957 Yearbooks are also available, for free.  Contact Lee Shake for more information.

Other yearbooks are being prepared and will become available in time.



ClassMate Bios:



Billy Hough


Richard Jonassen


Sharon Simpson (Evans)


Ellen Petersen (Lutter)


Bruno Mattei


Roddy McDowell


Dick Miller


Rich Pearsall and Susan O'Brien


Dan Reid


Neal Frey


Ernie Friese


Bruce Hannah


Ed Harrison


Ernst Sehlmeyer


Lee Shake


Jack Vokral


Fred Weeman


Robert Zappalorti



Arlene and Walter Married! THS '60

Memorials & Tributes:

Obituary of George Breidenbach


I Remember George (Breidenbach)


Jimmy Hottenroth


Kevin Sheehy Obituary


Kevin Sheehy Memorialized


Mr. Bruno G. Mattei

Ian Etheridge

Tribute to Rollie Sprague


A Tribute to Jack Bothwell



Lynn Turkus




We Support Our Military



9/11 Articles:


9/11/01 Rememberance

Kamran's Story


Katie Pearsall's Impressions


I Am A New Yorker


Let The Trumpet Sound

9-11: Columbia

My So-Called Life


Pat's Story




THS Victims of 9/11/01


"Let Us Give Praise" Memorial



Articles from past issues:

Link to EarthCam






The Trumpet History




A Song For Andrew










How to contact your local FBI Field Office


Stroke Identification


Driving In Rain Or Snow


Amazing Pictures From Space!


Senior Citizen Resources


Planet Earth From Space




Our Humble Earth




A History of Tottenville Village




Bill Board messages from God





My Father's House


Katrina Relief


Life's Journey



June 2005 Centerfold


About Dr. Zoole


1000 Marbles




A Most Unusual Cruise!




A Mother's Day Story




Brain Test




Berry Moon Festival


Called Home (Louise Leffert)


Couldn't Set This Up If I Tried!


Down the Road Less Traveled



Eating Worms, and Other Memories




From Sam's Kid (Weening)


Garden Party





Happy Easter-Brooklyn Style


Heartbeat of The Heavens







Interpretation of "Heartbeat"





Spring Eternal

The Newest CPR Method:

Continuous Chest Compression





In Memory of Elvis




Hubble - A tribute to Peter Bandtlow









A Motorcycle Weekend in the Smoky Mountains



Music City, USA


A Tribute to Fair London and Brave Londoners




Nova Scotia


Otto and Elaine's New RV


Canyonlands. America the Beautiful!




Northern Crown II





Moose In The House!






A Collection of Works by John B. Baur, Contributing Editor





Essays and Articles by Dr. Arlene Spark, THS 1962, Nutrition Editor






Gatorade, Toothpaste, Toenail Fungus, and more



Dracula and Vampire Bats




The Concorde




Patches, Peaches, and Dreams




Perry Como


PS5 Mini Reunion




Quit My Day Job?


Reach High


Saddam's Palaces








Square Dancing







The Fate of the Pedming





The Good Wife's Guide


The Military


THS Faculty - 1950, 1952


This Just In From CNN


To Ski or Not to Ski?


Westward Ho! And North to Alaska!





Where are the Snows of Yesteryear?


Trumpet Cinema:



4th of July


Watch Your Step!



Crazy Dogs!


Senior Moment


Links to Other Pages:

Old Penny Postcards

Personal Websites:



Charles Parness

Welcome to San Francisco! (Jay Meloy)



Ian Etheridge,

Trumpet Technical Editor


Other School Sites:

Liberty (Missouri) High School Class of '56


New Dorp High School

McKee High School Reunion



Free Streaming Music


Oldies From the '50's Music





New York stuff:



FDNY Viking Site



Street Name Changes, 1912 Richmond County



Forgotten New York


Tottenville Historical Society


Lifeguards of Staten Island

The Staten Island Ferry




Black & White photos of  New York City


Old Staten Island Photos and More


Tottenville Memories


Old Staten Island


The Staten Island Hotel


International News:




North Korea



United Kingdom (England)

















Anne's Place

The US Government Weather Service