ClassMate Bio

Ernst Sehlmeyer

THS '37

Written: September, 2005

Now in Heaven with the Departed Blue Angels and other Patriotic Flyers ~ see obituary by clicking on the Airplane below

I was born March 9, 1920.  I had not reached my 13th birthday when I entered Tottenville High School for the Spring Term in 1933. I graduated in February of 1937.

In 1937 I went to Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken for a year, where I studied Mechanical Engineering. In 1938 I went to Casey Jones School of Aeronautics (Aircraft Mechanic) because I always liked airplanes. In 1939 I was off to Baltimore, joining the Glenn L. Martin Company where I became a mechanic on B-26 Bombers. Later I switched to the City of Baltimore, Logan Field, where I also learned to fly.

In 1942 I joined Stevens Flying Service, got a Commercial Pilot License, and was commissioned Ensign, USNR and sent to the US Navy Pre-Flight School at Athens, GA.

The Navy sent me to Atlanta for two weeks in March of 1943, then for six months to U.S. Navy Pre-Flight School at the University of Georgia for further flight training. Then to Navy Primary (3 months) at NAS Dallas and to U.S. Navy Primary Flight Instructor's School in New Orleans.


I served as a Primary Flight Instructor at two Naval Air Stations teaching Aerobatics.  Then I was off to a Refresher Course at NAS Dallas but didn't make it to Fighter School because they dropped the Atom Bombs.

In September of 1945 I was sent to be an Instructor in Theory of Flight at USNPFS at Iowa City, where I met Marjorie Jean Hancock, a Senior at the University of Iowa.

We were married on March 17th, 1946. I returned to College at Iowa on the G.I. Bill, and in June 1951 received an MS in Mechanical Engineering.

I worked for Kodak in Rochester, N.Y. for 1 1/2 years, then we moved to California where I worked 30 years for United Air Lines at the Maintenance Base at San Francisco International Airport, as a Management Engineer - including being in charge of Turbine Engine Repair and Test.


I retired to Casper, Wyoming so that my wife Jean would be near my oldest daughter (in the event that I predecease her).  My daughter's name is Claire Venn, a Reading Specialist Teacher in the Casper School District. Three of my children have Master's Degrees.
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