Hubble - A tribute to Peter Bandtlow,

THS '60

Peter Bandtlow, THS '60, once explained that most, but not all of the universe, would collapse in upon itself - referred to today as the "Big Crunch."

This would be followed by another "Big Bang."

And what happens to that part of the universe that keeps expanding?

This "leftover stardust" from "our universe" would recombine with "other leftover stardust" and "new universes" would "be born." Peter thought in terms of "a living universe."

Some forty-five years later, cosmologists have a theory called "The Greater Universe" that approximates his explanation. Peter was indeed, years ahead of his time.

I thank Johannah for providing this web site, and I thank Peter for sharing his excellent insight, which at that time, was not yet expressed by academia. I thought I would pass this along to all of you in his memory.

LvJBB '60

               Published 12/2003