A Collection of Works

by John B. Baur,

THS 1960

Contributing Editor




    Part 1. Eden Preserved.

          "The Trumpet"
    Part 2. Trouble in Paradise.                   Sound
    Part 3. Tribulation ~ Restoration. Joint Memorial and Tribute
     Nine Eleven ~ Columbia
The Reverie (A Prelude).  
  A Reunion of Memories
The Vignette Series     1. Tottenville High School Band.
   Memories of You.     2. The Fifty-Niners.
   Stand Up For Joy.     3. Open House - Garden Party.
   Westward Ho! And North to Alaska!     4. Closing Ceremony.
   The "Windmills of Your Mind"  
    Happy St. Patrick's Day! Riding The Waves.
    Hope & Thanksgiving.