“Rain” By John B. Baur *



~~~~~~~   Part 1. Eden Preserved    ~~~~~~~


Do you ever listen,  listen to the rain

To its pita patter,  upon the window pane?



Do you ever watch ~ the raindrops ~ brightly glisten

As in

The silver moonlight,  they ripple on the bay


With night winds from the north,

A moon lit

Powdered snow

(like star dust from afar)

Softly starts to fall


Then caught up in a breeze

It gently starts to swirl ~ Upward ~ Towards the sky

To pine trees tall and mountains high


Then with the morn

As if reborn

Each droplet hugs  a  golden sun lit ray



Birds on the wing,  in their nests,  everywhere

They welcome the rain

The birds as they sing  are a part of this song

The song of the rain


Animals also,  listen and watch

And flowers wear droplets like jewels


The friendly rain,  the singing,  dancing,  joyful rain

A Halo by night,  a Rainbow by day

A Crown

For “Mother Nature”


~~~~~~~  THEN  ~~~~~~~


As the evening does draw nigh

The wind and rain intensify,

The darkened sky ~ no moon, no stars

The haunting wind, its eerie cry


The lightening flashes all around,  illuminating

Ground and sky and mountains high

Reflected in the lake below,

The thunder rumbles all about

A mighty sound,  a roaring shout!


This too you see is Nature’s plan

For parched desert welcomes thee

That life in great profusion  might abound!


Then as the dawn,  and pink skies reappear

I hear

The whisper of the breeze ~ the chirping of the birds

The splashing of the waterfall ~ the murmur of the brook



I look ~ into a pool ~ of water crystal clear,


Bedecked with diamonds dew

And butterflies appear


Grapes of wine with suckle vine

And humming birds so near

Flitting all  aroun(d)

And spraying sun lit droplets

For their crown


The mockingbirds they 

Do repeat, the

Nightingales with song so sweet

The orchids,  poppies,  roses,  they enhance



For me this was a solemn trance ~ a wondrous reverie

And asked myself the question where,

“Where might this place be?”


I searched my mind,  I searched my soul

In contemplative bliss

But Sooon to Beee Distu~rrrbed!!!


~~~~~~~   Part 2. Trouble in Paradise    ~~~~~~~


It is “The Valley of the Lilies and the Lilacs”


Weeping willows too


Eagles fly,  mid  mountains high


The clear blue sky

And then a

Burst of Flames!!!



“No oh No!  Columbia!  The Challenger To Join!!!”


Man’s horizon to expand

For now they know

The Great

“I AM”


* EX:3


It hath been said, from dust to dust,

And we Salute

“The Brave,  The Dead,  The True”

of Nine Eleven Too


So Let

The Trumpet Sound!!!

Let The Bell ~ of Freedom Toll


Let’s give praise ~ and humble thanks


Heroes that survive ~ and Live

To lead again!

WTC (hyperlink)


We beseech  for wisdom wise

To guard our land


Peace with justice ~ mercy too!

For all Mankind




I looked  into the pool


Water Crystal Clear


There were

No flowers  bedecked with dew

No butterflies ~ No humming birds


Rainbow crowns


The nightingales with sounds

So sweet,

I did  Not hear

The mockingbirds with naught

To sound

Were silence bound!


The Eagles high,  midst clear blue sky

They were not there!

No golden droplets  splashing in the sun


I looked again  into the pool


Water crystal clear


The weeping willow did remain

And then a figure

Did appear


Tear drops falling from her eyes

And shadows dark


Her face

Her grief ~ her pain!




And yet she cried



Seek not revenge!”


~~~~   Part 3.  Tribulation ~ Restoration?  ~~~~


Be merciful ~ seek restoration!

We are a nation of great strength

A beacon light


All Mankind



And only if we know ~ within our  “Heart of Hearts”

That others

Plan destruction,  should we,  pre-emptive be

It is

A sacred choice,  it is Our destiny!


And so the snows of winter,  cover up the land,

The sands of time

They will record,  for all Eternity


Choice we make


Now and Evermore!


Oh Captain ~ Our Captain”


Doest thou sail this Ship?

This Ship of State

The Vessel of Mankind?



~~~~~~~ (Our Homeland) ~~~~~~~


Preserve our planet and our


Restore the lands  from shore to shore

Protect the Air,  the Forests,  Water and much more


Guard the spirit of our young


Noble deeds  and  Noble thoughts,

Language,  Math and Science,  Arts and Sports

Social Studies,  English Lit.


For just a few, but all



Allow that Voluntary ~ Songs of Praise

Be Sung

After hours  or before  the bell is rung


Do these things  and  heal our Nation

Curse not our future generation,  with fear,  mistrust,

And Isolation!!!




Do you ever listen,  listen to the rain

To its pita patter

Upon the window pane?


Life a chance,  it  says to me




  Copyright 2003, John B Baur, Author. Non-Profit may freely reproduce so long as authorship is acknowledged.  For Profit Reproduction Contact:  JBBaur@aol.com  


Originally written for the McKittrick ~ Zindel Memorial and Tribute.  I wish to thank Florence and Johannah for their inspiration and encouragement.