Columbia and her Crew





Crew of the Challenger





Author: John B Baur, THS '60.

Originally published in the February,

2003 edition of  The Trumpet.

Joint Memorial and Tribute

 Nine Eleven ~ Columbia



"The Trumpet"




It hath been said, from dust to dust

and we salute

"The Brave, The Dead, The True"


"Nine Eleven" Too

so let

"The Trumpet Sound"


Let "The Bell of Freedom" Toll


The clear blue sky, where Eagles fly

and then, a burst of flame


No! Oh No! Columbia !!!

The Challenger

To Join


Mid grief and tears

we do

Salute !!!

"The Brave, The Dead, The True"

 Man's horizon to expand,

For now they know

The Great

"I AM" *


So let us draw,

From "Well of Living Water" pure,

Let's give

Praise and humble thanks

for heroes that survive,

and live

to lead again


We beseech for wisdom wise

to guard our land


Peace with Justice, Mercy too!


All Mankind

*I AM: Exodus, third chapter - Old Testament.

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