The Reverie

(A prelude)   By John B Baur


Arthritis you say?

Wracked with pain and cannot sleep!

Thoughts so deep

They will not rest ~ or wait til morn

It might be best

To give them vent, before the dawn


A song unsung ~ must not be had

A poem unsaid

 And never read, is just as sad


For when we share

We half the pain, and twice the joy

It was a prize I had to have

And so like Jacob at the well, I wrestled

Through the night


My soul released ~ it did take flight

Transcendental, beyond time

And then rebirth and back to Earth

Along the shore


You know the place

With mountains high and Pine trees tall

An apparition all aglow

Or was it simply, moon lit powdered snow?


Entranced in a spell, I seem to recall

A heavenly dream, yet

To be sure, all did appear so real and so near


Still I see the setting sun

The mountains tall

The swaying trees ~ midst gentle breeze

That flees

The breath of night


Pale sky blue ~ with heavenly hue

of gold

Silver, pink, and white

Issue forth in bright array

And ushers in, the close of day


A vivid sight

of on-coming night

This setting gold crown of glory!


Then, night its call upon the land, while

Moonbeams fall upon the sand


Dancing stars so gay and sprite

Sprinkling stardust

Share their light


Yes, so real and so near

So vivid and bright, it all did appear

And I still recall ~ moonlight covering all

The shimmering gleam

Of the rippling stream

And silver-splashed lake all aglow


The still rising moon, which soon

A breathtaking Story would reveal  *SpRm

To all those who feel

The enchantment of dreams

As in the moonbeams, they sleep

So solemn and still


*SpRm: The Spirit of Romanticism – June ‘03 release

a haunting voluptuous tale

Naught but clouds for a veil, down she did sail


The next morning, after the sun has been up but a short while, the first rays of light fall upon Richards face ~ and he awakes to feel the pulse of his heart and warm blood flowing through his temples and every limb.  The air is cool and crisp but warming quickly. The snow is gone and it is no longer wintry but rather like the month of May.

Richard feels as if he has slept for days or possibly even months or years ~ everything seems so long ago.  He does not even recall his dream ~ until he glances down at his feet, and there lying is a beautiful young maiden.  Her hair is long and golden, her breasts are as white with a tan golden hue and as the choicest of fruit just before reaching maturity. Her thighs, limbs and indeed her entire being seem to possess a radiant, spiritual and yet still earthly beauty.

Still sleeping, her face is as serene and contented as that of a child who somehow knows that at that moment all the angles of heaven are watching over her.  Her lips are still wet with the morning dew and Richard is irresistibly drawn to them.  Then, like sleeping beauty, she awakes at the touch of his lips and lingers for just a moment, as if sampling the nectar of an intoxicating fruit.  She gasps with both surprise and delight.

Celeste (half sister of Stella):  “Oh!  How you have startled me – why, how did I get here? Who are you?  Who might you be?”

Richard (formally PiP):  “Why I am Richard, at the moment you must know more than I.”

Celeste:  “Yes, now I remember, that handsome young man that fell asleep on our shore during the night.  We never have visitors, and when I was passing by this morning I noticed you sleeping so restfully.  The sun had just broken over the mountain and you looked so strong and handsome.  I thought I might lie at your feet for a moment.  I must have fallen asleep.”

Richard:   “I was wandering through here last night at sunset.  The sun was setting behind the mountains.  Clouds billowed around forming a golden crown lined with silver and pink.  The outer fringes of gold slowly gave way to orange and fiery red.  It was a breathtaking sight embellished in a heavenly light blue which itself gave way to rich, ever- darkening colors.  The water on the lake reflected the glimmering rays of light, and the trees swayed with the gentle breeze as if fleeing the breath of night.”

Celeste: “You are not only strong and handsome, but your words are most enchanting. Tell me, it was quite cold last night, how did you sleep?”

Richard:  “The sunset must have made quite an impression on me, for I dreamt that the beauties of nature in all their splendor, transformed themselves into a spirit,  ‘The Spirit of Romanticism.’  She spoke of ~ love, beauty, and wisdom.  She was the most gracious lady I have ever seen.  She promised that,  ‘With the morn, she would be reborn, in human form, with flesh and blood and a heart of love.’  It is almost as if you were her.”

Celeste: “But how can this be?  For I am so young?”

Richard: “It must be, what you are to become.”

Celeste:  “Oh please, please tell me more.”


Copyright 2003, John B Baur, Author.

Non-Profit may freely reproduce so long as authorship

Is acknowledged.  For Profit Reproduction