Westward Ho!  And North to Alaska!

By John B. Baur, Contributing Editor


Westward Ho! ~ To crisp spring days ~

Of open plain and sky


Onward Go!   To mountains high

Where eagles fly ~ across the “Great Divide”

A toast to “Freedom of Spirit!”  



Westward Ho!  To California go!

Where lush green valley reaches ocean wide


To love, to laugh ~ side by side

To splash in salt sea water ~ mid white

Sandy beaches at ebb tide


Then north to Juno, and Prince William Sound

Be careful for Nature, that She may abound!


To a fishing village - make port of call

White billowing sails - as tall as a yawl!


Break bread with a stranger, and you’ll

Make a friend ~ Share with each your stories


An adventure you’ll spend!  



Then North to Alaska, and still greater heights

Where stars twinkle brightly

Amid Northern Lights


With skies all aglow ~ Pine trees all around

Soft fallen snow ~ Blankets the ground


Breathe deeply, breathe long ~ Look high

And look wide,

Touch softly, touch gently ~ Together abide


Dedicated to Jim and Anne

Text copyright 2003, 2004 John B Baur, Author

Published with permission.  JBBaur@aol.com

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