Garden Party


Harry Daniels ’59: “As you know, February 3rd, 1959 was when that fatal airplane crash took place, taking the lives of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper). This is often referred to as ‘The Day The Music Died.’”


John:  “But we are not going to let them die. We will resurrect them through our remembrance of their music and their creative spirit.


Thanks to Harry, Herb, Walt, Les, Patty, and all of the other 59ers, there will be an Open House.  


First, a ‘Lunchroom Jamboree;’  remember when we used to listen to records, and every once in a while, when a guy was really sweet on one of the gals, he would ask her for a dance.  And then there were those monthly basement parties, and weather permitting, a Garden Party.  LET’S DO IT AGAIN!  


Patty, Irene, Karen and the girls are arriving. I believe they are about to Twist and Twirl. Those motion-activated flickering lights at the end of their batons and on their costumes help make for quite a show.


We are going to Rock Around The Clock and resurrect some of those Magic Memories. We will visit with Ritchie Valens, Donna and Chantilly Lace with The Big Bopper. Peggy Sue with Buddy Holly, Barbara Ann, Marty Robbins, and Roy Orbison are expected shortly.


Elvis The King will ask, Are You Lonesome Tonight.  At Twilight Time, we will look for the Little Star and The Elegants. That should get you In The Mood and surely you will enjoy those Harbor Lights. Come Softly To Me and feel The Magic*  Forever(The Pledge) In The Still of The Night, Earth Angels will appear.” 

* Please wait a full five seconds for the last three songs to change; longer, if you do not have cable or DSL.