ClassMate Bio

Fred E. Weeman,

THS 1960

Published: June, 2003

(Background photo is a scene in Idaho)

I joined the Navy in September 1960 and, after 22years, I retired in October of 1982.  I retired as a Senior Chief Electrician's Mate (E-8).

In January of 1983 I started working for Newport News Ship Building Company in Newport News, Virginia building Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carriers. I was a Nuclear Electrical Quality Control Inspector.

In 1989 I was sent to Idaho as part of a team to de-activate one of the Navy's training reactors.  It was supposed to be a two year job and then back to Virginia.   My family and I fell in love with Idaho, so I quit Newport News Ship Building and we stayed here in Idaho.

My wife Barbara and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary in August. Our son Corey lives in Silverton, N.J.

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