This page is a new project started by Lee Shake, '57.

Last updated on 5/1/2007


Listen to Free Music!

In the past year, I have accumulated a few websites that have Juke Boxes full of music on them for free listening.  I don't want to post them individually all over our Trumpet's Main page, so I decided to group them on this linked page. 

I prefer to listen to music in the background while I'm doing something else with my computer.  The problem with all but one on these sites is that you can click on only one song title at a time.  When the song has finished (about 2 - 2 1/2 minutes) you must go back to that site and click on another song title. 

As I discover more of these sites, I'll add their links to this page.  If you know of similar sites, please email me and let me know, but send me the link to the web page itself, not just a song from that page.  OK?  Send contributions to me at

One of these sites is my personal favorite because you can click on a year, and the site will play one song after another through their play list of favorite songs from that year.  So here are the links to these music sites,    My Personal Favorite First.