By Fontaine Piper


A listing of Tottenville High School Alumni who died while in the service of our City and our Nation.

"If you are able, save for them a place inside

Of you and save one backward glance when

You are leaving for the places they can no

Longer go.


Be not ashamed to say you loved them, though

You may or may not have always. Take what

They have taught you with their dying and keep.

It with your own."


Paraphrase of the words of Major Michael O'Donnell. KIA March 24, 1970 - Dak To, Vietnam.






Charles Alfred Baker 1962    

U.S. Navy

 Louis Joseph Barbaria 1965 U.S. Army

3/21/70, Quang Tri, South Vietnam, aged 22.

Paul Beyer 1980 FDNY 9/11/01
Alan Lee Blair 1965



Patrick D. Byrne 1980 FDNY 9/11/01

John Chipura 1980 FDNY 9/11/01
John Joseph Drennan 1962 FDNY 5/7/94
Michael Fodor 1966 FDNY 9/11/01
Peter Louis Freund 1973 FDNY 9/11/01
Gary Geidel 1974 FDNY 9/11/01  
Sean Sanford Hanley 1985 FDNY 9/11/01
James Randall Hottenroth 1960 USAF  10/15/67
John Krol 1966 USMC 9/19/68
William O'Keefe 1970 FDNY 9/11/01
Michael Mitchell 1967 U.S. Army 5/12/69
Eric Taube Olsen 1978 FDNY 9/11/01
Arthur Welker Reinhardt 1964 U.S. Army 9/2/67
Edward Taylor 1959 USAF 11/11/66
Brian Francis Wallace 1965 U.S. Army 8/15/67
Mark P. Whitford 1989 FDNY 9/11/01
David Terrance Wooley 1966 FDNY 9/11/01