Called Home

Click on "Called Home" for this first time contribution from Louise (Leffert) Bristow THS '60. The "Called Home" link, first posted by Anita (Sanchez) Bosley in Arrivals and Passings, is a letter from Louise to her Mother and her Sister, Judith Leffert THS '55 who passed on unexpectedly (after completing her second year at Hunter College) in September of 1957.

With both of her sisters now deceased, Louise became an only child. Her father, grief stricken and nearly insane, had to leave the family for a number of years, but was eventually able to return.

These were difficult times for Louise, but she became a member of Arista, a Cheer Leader, and went on to earn her degree in psychology as head of her class and Class President at Rutgers

University. Louise then earned a Double Masters Degree in Psychology from Columbia University as well as an Associates Degree in Alternative Medicine.

Can the Psycho-spiritual play a role in our mental health? Can we be "made whole" from losses in our early and teenage years? You decide. This is just a simple letter, but if the demand is there, more may follow on this topic in the future.