Class of 1959

Class Reunion - 45th Anniversary

Our Reunion was a complete Success

Pictures and Attendees below!

The rains and winds of hurricane Ivan did not stop the Tottenville 1959 class reunion on September 18th, 2004. Classmates arrived as early as Thursday September 16th, with some staying until Monday the 20th. They came from as far away as Oregon, Missouri, Louisiana, and Florida. Most stayed at the Marriot Hotel, Tysons Corner, VA. Many turned the reunion event into a Washington, DC mini vacation and some had plans to travel on to even more destinations.

The reunion party started with cocktails at 5:00 PM followed by a buffet dinner. In total, forty people attended the party. Twenty-two were Tottenville 1959 graduates. All evening the house was filled with laughter and the buzz of conversation as friendships were renewed and life events shared. A “memories corner” with year books and photos from 1956 – 1959 were on display. Music from the 1950's played in the background, affording the opportunity for dancing. A mascot Purple Parrot watched over the activities. The traditional sheet cake was presented and cut later in the evening. Guests lingered over coffee and a few more drinks until 10 PM.

Events started Friday evening with a 5:30 rendezvous at the hotel bar followed by dinner at a near-by restaurant. Twenty-two of us dined while reports of severe thunderstorms and tornado warnings flashed across the restaurant’s TV screens. We were so busy talking, eating, and drinking, that no one noticed the reports. Tornados were reported thirty miles northwest but none touched down in our area. However, we did get soaked getting back to our cars. Ivan moved on and the weather cleared overnight. Saturday became a great day for sight-seeing. I understand that the Spy Museum was very popular, as was strolling on the Mall.

Sunday morning was another opportunity for those staying at the hotel to get together one more time. The hotel set aside an area for the group to gather over a breakfast buffet. Some were headed home while others continued on with their vacation and travel plans. All are looking forward to the 50th reunion in 2009, wherever it may be.

Best wishes to the Tottenville class of 1959. I truly enjoyed hosting the event and wish to thank all who helped plan and set up the event.


Linda Hamilton Cevasco


The Classmates who organized this are:

From left to right, Wilma Hawkins, Judy Schlemmer, Linda Hamilton Cevasco, and Joe Fisler.

A group picture of those who attended:

First Name Maiden Last Name Class
Bruce   Appel THS 59
Elaine Cawse Mikkelborg THS 59
Diane Costello Lenahan St. Mary's 59
John   Lenahan St. Mary's 59
Albert E.   Duckworth THS 59
Karen   Duckworth THS 59
Joe   Fisler  
Bobbie   Fisler Augies 58
Frank   Cevasco  
Linda Hamilton  Cevasco THS 59
Gail   Hamilton  THS 56
Donald    Harring THS 59
Irene   Harring  
Wilma Hawkins Dornfest  
Walter   Kristiansen  
Gail Jantz Kristiansen THS 63
John   Lenahan St. Mary's 59
Rose Greco Kusulas THS 58
Peter   Kusulas THS 59
Lew   Neblett THS 59
Pam   Neblett  
Richard   Nielsen THS 59
Patricia   Nielsen  
Millie O'Brien Furnari THS 59
Jim   Padula THS 59
Frank   Radics THS 59
Pat   Radics  
Judy Schlemmer  Livingston THS 59
Marion Stapelfeldt Rua THS 59
Bob   Rua  
Marlene Thompson Galvin THS 59
Brendan   Galvin THS 59
Lois T. Walker Long THS 59
Bernard   Long THS 56
Ginny   Wetherill THS
Charles   Wetherill THS 59
Craig W.   Yates THS 59
Sandra Zappone Sherman THS 59
Gerry Allen Stensland THS 59
Arnie   Stensland  
Lynn Lawrence Cevasco  
Mike   Cevasco  
Now pictures, courtesy of Linda Hamilton Cevasco: