Just what is  "The Heartbeat of The Heavens?"  Two of you have asked, or at least implied the question in your comments to me. Thank you for believing that there may be a literal interpretation to the metaphors used.    

Well, Good People, (I love that expression. Thank you Arlene) I will do my best to share my intention.

"The Heartbeat" is the loving, caring, courageous concern that humanity shows for one another.  Whether it is  "Liberating an enslaved people"  or something less dramatic like taking care of ones own family, friends and community.

Community center, little league, soccer, boy (girl) scouts, church and choir, feed the poor, reading literacy volunteers, teachers, engineers, scientists, manufacturers, political involvement, helping the young (elderly), enriching communication (i.e. The Trumpet - thank you Ellen and Werner), the ethical (and sometimes pro bono) practice of law and medicine as well as the many trades (where would we be without plumbers). 

Wild life and environmental conservation, farmers, bankers (the mortgage people who enable us to own our own homes), technicians, mechanics, and especially those military personnel that guard our freedom.  In short, any service benefiting your neighbor, nation or mankind.  You are part of this "Heartbeat."

And what are  "The Souls Take Flight?"  In addition to the classical interpretation, metaphorically speaking, it represents the "uplifted spirits" of the people you have helped and cared about.  The encouragement and guidance you have given to young people. The care of the elderly. It is the fruit of your unselfish efforts, your loving embrace, and sometimes your forgiveness and kind words.

Love, JBB'60

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