In Memory of John Bothwell

1943 1990


They called me to the phone

That day.

I felt a chill pervade

Into the very depths of me.

I knew,

Before the words were spoken,

He is gone.


You knew him in high school as Jack, a bright star with so many talents and interests. He carried them into his life at Syracuse University where we studied, still together, as twins often do. He was on the tennis team, played sax with the marching band, was voted president of his fraternity, and even jumped through hoops as a gymnast and cheerleader. He excelled in his major, civil engineering, and upon graduation, we separated for the first time, he to Cornell and me to the University of California such a distance for two so close!


Jack earned his MBA with honors, and then began his career doing what hed always dreamed of doing: building. As a Project Engineer, his colleagues and clients knew him as John. He started by building a then-new structure called a condo, in Connecticut where he hated the cold, bleak winters on the construction site. So he and his wife moved to Florida, to build sub-divisions, private luxury homes, and then mall complexes. He was active as a swimmer, sailor, and speedboat racer.


His spirit was strong, but his heart was weak, and finally one morning he did not awaken. We had his ashes scattered on the beach he loved so much. His wife and stepson still live in Florida, in the house he built for them.


Florence Bothwell Cosby


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