Tottenville High School Victims of the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack

Contributed by Anita Sanchez, Research Editor

Kenneth Van Auken, THS '72

Paul Beyer, FDNY, THS '81

Patrick Byrne, FDNY, THS '80

Michael Cammarata, FDNY, THS '96 (wore uncle's shield)

Louis Caporicci, THS '84

John Chipora, FDNY, THS '80

Susan Clancy Conlon, THS '78

John DeFato, THS '81

Frances (Frank) Esposito, FDNY, THS '90

Michael Fodor, FDNY, THS '66

Peter Freund, FDNY, THS '73

Gary Geidel, FDNY, THS '74

Sean Hanley, FDNY, THS '84

Michelle Henrique, THS '91

Jonathan Hohman, FDNY, THS '71

Lorraine Greene Lee, THS '81

Linda Luzzicone, THS ?

Timothy McSweeney, FDNY, THS '82

Cark Molinaro, FDNY, THS ?

Edward Oliver ,THS '88

Eric Olsen, FDNY, THS '73

Steven Olson, FDNY, THS '81

William O'Keefe, FDNY, THS '70

Paul Pansini, FDNY, THS '83

Salvatore Papasso, THS '85

Cirra Patti, THS '79

Carl Peralta, THS '83

Glenn Perry, FDNY Lt., THS '78

Thomas Sparacio, THS ?

Lisa Spina Trerotola, THS '82

Jeffrey Walz, THS '82

Kenneth White, THS '68

Mark Whitford, FDNY, THS '89

David Wooley, FDNY, THS '66


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