From "Sam's Kid"

By Robert Weening

Being part of the THS family for me was very interesting. Since my dad was a teacher and a graduate - attending THS had its moments. On one hand, I could never ever think of getting away with anything because I was always known as “Sam’s kid”.  On the other hand, some of the older teachers and secretaries who were there in the early 70’s knew my dad from when he was a pupil (do you remember a Weeningism  that says “students study and pupils pupe?”) and they would tell me what a character he was when he was in school.

Mrs. Reilly, who I think was Mr. Schwing’s secretary, used to tell me how my dad was such a wise guy when he was attending THS. Some things never change!


One of the more interesting events from back then was when Paul Zindel came over to my parent’s house and dropped off an autographed edition of the “Pig Man” for me. The next day he was on his way to see Edward G. Robinson to talk to him about playing the title role in a movie based on the book. Unfortunately, Robinson died a couple of weeks later and I don’t think they ever did that movie. It would have been interesting to see how they portrayed THS in the movie!


My sister Christine graduated THS in 1983.  I think my cousin Erik Pistek (JoAnne’s brother) graduated 1980. In addition to Erik, his sister MaryLou and brothers Tom and Jan are also THS graduates. My dad’s younger brother Charles (he passed away in 1996) was also a THS graduate. He was 10 years younger than my dad, so his graduation date was probably around 1953 or 1954. I’m not sure, but I think my cousin Jan’s kids attended THS as well.


Unfortunately both my sister and I don’t live on Staten Island. My wife and I live in Connecticut and don’t have kids, so it looks like there won’t be another generation of Weenings attending THS.

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