Updated: 12/31/07

A New 45th Anniversary Reunion is being planned!

Stay tuned to this page for details as they become available.


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Dennis Bentsen has set up a website at www.tottenville65.com.  You might like to check it out.



Class of 1965 Post-Reunion Page

Updated: 9/16/2006

The Class of 1965's 40th Anniversary Reunion, was held on October 28, 2005.

Note from Page Editor, Lee Shake, '57:

Since this page 1st appeared, on 5/2/2006, many more pictures of the reunion have been submitted.  Picture files are much larger than text files, and they take a long time to download for many readers.  Because of that fact, I have broken up the picture collections into several different pages, based on who submitted them.  Links to those different collections can be found (below) on this page.  Where names of the people in the pictures are available to me, I will include them.  Otherwise the pictures appear by themselves, and you will have to identify the people in those pictures, yourselves.

These are all candid (snapshot) pictures.  Not all of them are as clear and bright as you might like.  I have done the best I can to maximize the quality of the pictures.  There are some pictures that you won't see because in my editorial judgment, some pictures were just to dark or blurred to work.  You might see duplicates of some pictures on differently linked pages.  This could happen if portions of one collection were included in another collection when the pictures were submitted for publication.

Click this link for pictures that were taken by classmate, Arne Mikkelsen:



 Click this link for pictures donated by Paul Piper:



Click Here for pictures donated by Tammy Muller, '65


Click Here for pictures donated by Ed Ogilvie, '65


Click Here for pictures donated by Joe Scalici, '65