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Neal Frey, THS Ď65



The Rev. Neal Frey and his wife, Connie.

Neal is Pastor of the Huntington Assembly of God, Huntington Station, New York.

By The Rev. Neal Frey

Written: November, 2002; updated August, 2006, November, 2011

I attended Christ Lutheran Church in Great Kills from age 9 to 13, but began attending an Evangelical Free church on Amboy Road in Eltingville, with my best friends and his family - Bobbie Kinsella (George & Gene Kinsella) who lived maybe one or two houses down from us on Richmond Avenue in Eltingville.

I got very involved with the young people of the church, and even preached my first message at that church at age 17. While attending this church, I felt a call of God to become a minister of the word of God.

While in the Navy, one of the places we stopped at was the city of Bombay, India. While there, I saw the hungry, crippled and needy children, and felt a call to foreign missionary service. I also preached every Sunday on board my ship and served in the role of the ship's Chaplain.

While in the Navy I lost my Mom to cancer. So after over 3 years of serving in the Navy, I returned home and lived with my Dad, and worked from March of '71 to September '71 at AT&T. That fall, I enrolled at Adirondack Community, as a Marketing and Accounting major. I also played Varsity tennis for the college. I did play Varsity tennis for Tottenville High School, (Go Pirates).

While there, I served as the Youth Pastor for a local Assembly of God church, and for 3 months pastored a church in Ticonderoga, New York.

Then in the fall of 72, I would transfer to the State University of Buffalo, to complete my degree. I would also serve as Youth Pastor of a Local Assembly of God church in Buffalo, where I would meet and marry my wife Constance Dian (Miles) Frey.


On February 03, 1976 our son Joel Andrew was born, and by Thanksgiving 1977, we would be asked to Pastor an Assembly of God Church in Sheman, New York, near Jamestown, NY and Erie PA.

Then on June 14, 1978 our Daughter, Heather Rebecca, would be added to the family.

In April 1980, we would resign our position as Pastor of the Church and answer God's call to serve as Missionaries. Our first assignment would be to Okinawa, Japan. After 18 months of service there, we were asked to take a struggling work in Guam. We would then spend the next 9 years of our life in service to the Church and Bible School there.


In 1992 we would be asked to join the Faculty at Evangel University in Springfield, MO. to teach for the next two years in the area of Bible and Missions.

In the summer of 1993, we joined the Caribbean school of Theology and taught in Bible Schools in Jamaica, Bahamas, Belize, and Guyana.


By 1994 we were again approached and asked to help the Bible School ministry in the former USSR. Here we would serve for the next 3 1/2 years. Teaching in Moscow, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine; Riga, Latvia; Minsk Belorussia, and Villinus, Lithuania.
In January 1999, we returned home to visit our supporting churches. We were called by Huntington Assembly of God in Long Island to be Pastors there. We have been in Long Island now for over 3 years. However, I do still continue to travel overseas twice a year.

The members of a local church in Russia, during our Bible School ministry there.

My next trip will be to Sofia, Bulgaria in February 2003.

Such is the life of a 1965 Tottenville High School graduate.

Neal Frey

And the story goes on for the Glory of God!

Update: August, 2006

Since I wrote that Biography, I have traveled to do evangelism in Mexico, and this past January, our team handed out 6,000 gospel tracts and saw over 60 people give their life to the Lord.  I will also be teaching at our Bible School in Rome this fall, Lord willing.

Update: November, 2011


Pastor Neal Frey has been the senior pastor at Huntington Assembly of God in Huntington Station, NY since 1999. Prior to this position he was an Assemblies of God foreign missionary for 20 years. The countries he has ministered during his missionary career include: Japan, Guam and Russia. Pastor Neal has a total of over 39 years of ministry experience. God has given him a passion to teach and to raise up leaders. Throughout his ministry career he has started various Bible Colleges as well as Christian Schools, his roles varied from teaching to administration. Currently Pastor Neal is also active in the local Long Island section as the Sectional Church Planting Director. He is also a certified Assemblies of God Coach and Church Planting Boot Camp Table Coach. Pastor Nealís ministry and life experience have given him a unique perspective regarding: church planting, missions, ministering cross-culturally, and biblical training.


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