The information on this page was contributed by Lee Shake '57.

Lee says,

  "What if(?), you have a reason to contact the FBI, but the phone call is long-distance, and snail-mail takes 2 to 3 days.  Do you know how to contact your FBI Local Field Office, by email?"

  I subscribe to an email service called, Scan USA.  They send me local Amber alerts, Homeland Security alerts, alerts from our local police departments, etc. 

  Not long ago, under the Homeland Security rubric, I received a link that, if you click on it, takes you to a FBI webpage that lists mailing addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for FBI offices in each of the country's 50 states. 

   I wanted to make this link available to everybody who may not have it, because until very recently, the FBI didn't have email addresses available to the general public, so for me, this was very welcome information. 

   While I hope that none of us ever need to use it, I hope that you find it useful to have around."