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Title Date Published
Introduction of Pat Naeder August, 2009
Tips for Aging and Your Health October, 2009

High Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Disease

November, 2009
Tips to Beat Stress This Time of Year and Always December, 2009
Raise Your Mood For The Holidays December, 2009
Happy New Year! Health Tips to Live Longer and Healthier January, 2010
Diabetes Fact List - Enjoy! February, 2010
New Ways To Think Abour a Cancer Diagnosis March, 2010
Spring Allergy Tips! April, 2010
Update on Skin Cancer May, 2010
Update on Stroke (CerebroVascular Accident) C.V.A. June, 2010
Cataract Facts July, 2010
Top Summertime Health Tips August, 2010
September Health Tips! September, 2010
Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritus October, 2010
Cold and Flu Season Tips - Keep your Immune System strong! November, 2010
Holiday Health Tips December, 2010
January Tips For A Healthy New Year! January, 2011
Looking At Alcohol Dependency February, 2011
March Health Tips March, 2011
Understanding Heart Rythems and Your Lifestyle April, 2011
Why Am I So Tired? May, 2011
Summer Skin Tips June, 2011
Anti inflammatory Diet July, 2010
Gall Bladder  Health  Information Part 1 August, 2010

Gall Bladder  Health  Information Part 2

September, 2010