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September, 2010 Edition ew3



 1-  New information published in Molecular Nutrition and Food Research, shows that cashews can help blood sugar metabolism by influencing the relationship between ingested sugar, and insulin, produced by the Islets of Langerhans in the pancreas.

This could also help in the development of  new oral therapies for Type II Diabetes.

Pierre L. Haddad was lead author.


Five more reasons to snack on a few cashews:

a.   Cashews can help lower BP with their Magnesium content.

b.   Their monounsaturated fat content is heart healthy because of oleic acid, also found in olive oil.

c.   Their copper content. The body can’t produce copper, which is needed for collagen, to maintain skin, joint, and vessel wall integrity. It also helps the body use iron effectively. Only trace amounts are needed. It can also be found in daily multivitamins for Seniors.

d.   Weight control because cashews are filling, high protein, and monounsaturated. Don’t eat too many because of the calories.

e.   They’re a good antioxidant source, acting as free-radical scavengers.

Ref: Kristie Leong, MD


2-  Take Antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E included in your daily multivitamin. Remember that Vitamin E, Plavix and aspirin all thin your blood.

3-  Eat antioxidant foods such as colorful vegetables and fruit, like red grapes for the resveratrol in the skins. Drink green tea for the catechin antioxidant  Look at the ORAC Scale to see the level of power in foods that protect you microbiologically.

4-  Try to make your body an unfriendly environment for Cancer. Eat broccoli, cauliflower, and brussel sprouts, from the cruciferous family, and anything that throws your body into the alkaline state, which is unfriendly to cancer. Remember that obesity is a breeding ground for cancer.

5-  Make your body a stronger shield against infection.

a.   Boost your immune system by tripling your veggies, and increasing fruit for snacks, and have low mercury fish twice a week. Decrese beef intake, but don’t delete it. Eat low fat chicken, pork, veal, for good protein. Eat a low fat, low sugar, high anti-oxidant diet.

b.   If you are thin study up on cachexia and its diet and treatments. Then see your physician about why your body may be in a negative nitrogen balance, and what to do about it. Contact me if you don’t get usable answers.

c.   Walk moderately 20 minutes a day, five days a week. Do not do strenuous exercise. It only causes micro-hemorrhages, and wears out your joints requiring that your body become burdened with the extensive repair needed. The results will be much better with moderate exercise.

d.   Get semi-annual check-ups with your Physician, including blood work to catch things early, and make quick corrections.

e.   Don’t drink alcohol excessively. It destroys your immune system, brain, memory, and liver. If you do, then take Vitamin B1 or B Complex daily, for your brain, and memory. Take milk thistle for the abuse to your liver or you will get cirrhosis.

f.    Eat yogurt with regular sugar. You can get plain, low fat and add your favorite fruit. The acidophilus, and bifidus will soothe and normalize your intestinal flora. Pineapple and ginger are great for intestinal health and digestion, as well.

g.   Prepare ahead to cut off impulse eating: With a full stomach, make baggies of delicious healthy snacks like cut up Cajun fish or chicken pieces, broccoli sprinkled with your favorite seasonings, chili beef chunks, tomato from the garden with fresh basil, cantaloupe, grapes, avocado, asparagus, pineapple!

h.   Have soup with lots of veggies every day! (not creamed)  It’s slimming healthy, and filling! Hot and sour Chinese soup is great!

6-  Smoking contributes to cataract formation. If you are diagnosed, ask if the Carnosine eye drops are available yet. Ask if you can take Carnosine supplements. I DID NOT MIS-SPELL THIS. There  is another supplement that is very similar. Insist on the latest research on Carnosine for cataracts. Let me know about the feedback from your physicians.

7-  Use your daily biorhythms to your benefit regarding activities and eating. Every day has highs and lows. Tune into them! Seize upon that moment in your day where your energy level is at its highest, and do what you want to do most. Put on your sneakers and walk, or start your project and shut the world out. That is your moment to ride the wave of energy that comes naturally once or twice a day.

Don’t let it pass because it can be fleeting, and then you lose your momentum, and may fall back into procrastination, or addictive non-productive behaviors that are pleasurable, but defeat your goals for the day.

As far as eating, there are times when you’re naturally hungry and not hungry. Go with that (unless you are under-weight and on a special high calorie diet)Don’t eat when you’re not hungry, no matter what everyone says about having to eat certain meals. Sip fluids.

Graze, and “mini-eat.” Sometimes I eat a yam for lunch or a bowl of spinach or asparagus or peas for dinner, and a slice of cantalope, bunch of grapes, or a yogurt for dessert, or snack.

8-  Store up happy treats to help and/or distract you when you’re feeling down. Maybe music, or a dvd or tape of a movie that always makes you feel good. Tape up a picture of a vacation place that you are going to, or want to go to! Even looking at money that you have saved can help to give yourself a sense of safety, security, and accomplishment. Call someone who always brings a smile to your face, and has never hurt you, or let you down.

9-  To reduce daily stress, recognize, delete, or marginalize toxic people in your life. They will always sabotage you, undermine you, criticize you, dominate you, and make you look and feel bad. Probably because they are jealous of you, and do not have the great qualities that you have. 

Seize control of your own daily goals by listing them down. Then do one a day. After all, this is YOUR one life. Own it! And smile at those who would like to thwart your self-actualization!

10- Read Labels to avoid poisoning yourself and giving your body too much to deal with. Avoid hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup drinks. Instead, shop and eat whole foods from the fresh produce aisle. Drink fresh squeezed drinks with no sugar added. The best thing is to buy an inexpensive blender and throw in fruit and dilute it with seltzer or water, or low fat milk, or yogurt.

11- Tips to lose weight: Refuse to eat until you drink a large glass or cup of water, tea, or sugarless juice, 15 minutes before eating.

Open the door and take a 5 minute peaceful walk before and after you eat. Substitute carbs with veggies and fruit. Have fruit for dessert instead of cookies, cake or any processed high fat, high sugar, high carb dessert.


“If you are going through hell,…..keep going.” Winston Churchill

“No matter how sick you are, science can make you feel better”


Good Health to You!


Patricia Naeder, RN, BS

Medical Advisor


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