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Patricia Naeder, RN, BS.


December, 2009 Edition


 1-      ďME TIMEĒ-Take your breaks to decrease the stressed feeling of holiday demands, make sure you set aside time for yourself daily. Build in ďbreak timeĒ and take it.

 Maybe you like to nap, or take a leisurely, peaceful 10 minute walk, or a relaxing bath in the evening, or reading, or enjoying your favorite TV show. Or just ďchill outĒ and do nothing. That is very therapeutic. Make it a High Priority.

2-      ONLY DO WHAT YOU CAN- Donít push yourself to do too much each day. If you canít do it today you can do it tomorrow.

Tip: If you dread going out and doing things, lay out your outfit the night before and make it a fun, or comfortable outfit! It will set the mood for you! Even if you donít exercise lay out some warm up pants and zipped jacket. Put your sneakers there too. Thatís half the battle in the morning.

3-      3-    PACE THE MONTH OUT- Relatives, shopping and travel can add up to stress, anxiety, anger and depression. It doesnít have to be that way if you pace it out.

Do one or two things a day. It adds up. Donít go against your mood. If you donít feel like seeing people today, donít.  If you feel lonely and would like to see someone, go to the supermarket or local cafť for a cup of tea or hot chocolate. Grab a gift while youíre there. Thatís one more thing done!

4-      4-    SHOPPING SHORTCUTS- If you normally wrap presents with wrapping paper, tape and bows, it can be exhausting, especially if you are piling gifts up. Donít do it!

Stop by the Dollar Store and get some beautiful one dollar gift bag sets. They usually come in sets of three. Grab some fun holiday tissue. Then when you come home from shopping  just open a gift bag, put the pretty tissue in and drop your present it!

Cover it with another piece of crumpled up colored tissue and you are done! Get a magic marker and write on the bag. No fussing with tags!

5-      5-   AVOID SHOULDS -You donít have to do anything. If you donít want to go somewhere, a stomach ache works fine as an excuse. Give yourself a break. If you want to go but dread being with some people, plan to sit with a person who is always optimistic and light hearted.

6-   6-   LOWER  SELF-EXPECTATIONS -Perfectionism can cause a lot of stress, and surprisingly, most people donít notice the ďperfectĒ details.

Just do things comfortably, and a little bit each day, so you donít provoke feelings of anxiety in yourself. It may be nice to receive Godiva chocolates, but a box of Stover chocolates, or a loaf of banana walnut bread in a twinkly gift bag will be great! 

If youíre the cook for the holidays, make casseroles or other one pot dishes. Tell your friends and relatives that you Ďlove their sour cream lime moldí and let them show it off.

For the people that donít cook; ask them to do the non cook things like find a tablecloth and set the dining room table. They may not do it as perfectly as you, but it will be beautiful with a few candles and some music.

7-      7-   AVOID HOLIDAY FATIGUE- Try not to do too much in one day, and then force yourself to do a lot in the evening. Donít go too far and carry too much if possible.

Low Stress Tip: On your way to someoneís house during the Holidays, stop right outside your door and break off a sprig of an evergreen hedge. Throw the wild evergreen sprig on the top of the tissue in the gift bag and it looks professional! No stress there.

8-      8-   ASK FOR HELP IF YOU CAN USE IT- Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed. You donít deserve it. Ask for help especially from someone young! All young people want to help others, and it makes them feel valuable and good inside.

9-      9-   DONíT BE HARSH OR JUDGMENTAL WITH YOURSELF - You donít deserve that. So you had an extra eggnog or too much food, or forgot something. Thatís what tomorrow is for, to get back on track. Youíre only human.

10-  10-   GIFT TIP: Keep a small envelope in your wallet or pocket, and if you  go somewhere and need a gift for someone you are all set. Just put some money in the envelope with a greeting on the front! Mission accomplished.  Everyone can use a few dollars!


Good Health to you,

Patricia Naeder, RN, BS

Medical Advisor

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