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Patricia Naeder, RN, BS.


January, 2010 Edition




1- Triple your vegetables, drink water, walk daily, and take Multivitamin with minerals.

2- An Omega-3 capsule daily will improve brain cognition, curb depression, decrease inflammation, lower triglycerides, and raise the good HDL cholesterol that sweeps the bad ones out. Omega-3 is also found naturally in fish such as salmon, tilapia, filet of sole, trout, and others. Smoking works against these good changes by inflaming blood vessels throughout your entire body. Replace smoking with other relaxing methods.

F                ~ For more information about Omega 3, Click Here.

3- Fight Osteoporosis and Osteopenia by walking, increasing calcium and Vitamin D, and eating green leafy vegetables. Smoking depletes calcium.

4- Reduce stress by listing your concerns and try to eliminate them slowly, one by one. Get assistance from someone who cares, if possible. Avoid toxic people who frustrate you. If anxiety is present, get a sedative. There are many wonderful medications to relax you.

~ Do Not Self Medicate with Alcohol. It backfires. It slowly destroys your whole body, especially your brain, memory, and nerves in feet and legs. It also causes chronic insomnia, and is addicting.

~ Obtain the appropriate medication from your doctor. Feel free to contact me for guidance. I offer my extensive Pharmacology background to you so you can discuss your situation with your Physician. 

5-   Prevent depression by balancing your four main brain chemicals - Serotonin, Dopamine, Epinephrine, and Nor-epinephrine - by seeing an M.D. See a Psychiatrist for corrective medications. Also make an appointment to go to Talk Therapy with a Board Certified Psychologist. It works wonders.

6- Take one CoQ10 daily to repair and enhance muscle function throughout your body, especially heart muscle.

7- If you are overweight, walk 30 minutes a day, eat veggies, fruit, fish, chicken, and olive oil; basically The Mediterranean diet.

8- If you are underweight drink hi cal. protein shakes, eat hi cal. foods, walk, and reduce body inflammation with an anti-inflammatory, or Omega 3.

9- Reduce dizziness by increasing fluid intake, preferably iced drinks, increase salt (i.e. potato chips), and apply cool packs to constrict blood vessels.

10- Pain is your body talking to you. Don’t ignore your symptoms. Stop over-exercising, or if it’s not that simple, see your Doctor to get an answer.

11- Enjoy the New daily food pyramid: Veggies and Fruit = 4 cups, Milk = 3 cups, Grains = 6 oz., Protein = 5.5 oz. Adjust for personal conditions such as lower protein for kidney ailments, no wheat for celiac condition, lower sugar for diabetics. Saturated trans fats are never good. Use olive oil.

12- Fight Cancer by eating cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussel sprouts.

13- Help the children in your life: Ask their Pediatrician if you can give them “GO Fish Brainy Kidz” created by Dr. James Sears, M.D., a noted Pediatrician. It is children’s strength Omega 3 with all the benefits that go with it! Comes in fruit flavors. Look it up on the computer! Enjoy.

14- Be Happy by staying around happy people! Try to spend time with agreeable, positive people who make you feel good. They are walking miracles!


Good Health to you,

Patricia Naeder, RN, BS

Medical Advisor


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