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1-   Colds: To prevent re-infecting yourself when you have a cold, put the head of your toothbrush in a cup with a mix of alcohol, mouthwash and hydrogen peroxide to kill organisms.

2-   Wash your hands and blow your nose frequently to rid yourself of organisms.

3-   A cold lasts for a week. Treat it with pain relievers, fluids, no exercise, rest and relax.

4- When you have a cold, donít over exercise. It uses up the bodyís reserve, and you need that to fight winter colds. Exercise in moderation.

-         The Flu knocks you off of your feet, with high fever, aches and pains, nausea, possible diarrhea, possible difficulty breathing. You need to see a Physician. 

5-   Zinc lozenges help.

6-   Alcohol consumption. The reason you get ďdrunkĒ is because alcohol replaces oxygen in your bloodstream. The lack of oxygen causes the dizziness. Eventually this starves the brain and organs, including your eyes, of the needed oxygen to be healthy. It also batters your immune system so you will get frequent colds that donít get better within a week. Drink moderately.

7-   Sleep. If you tend to drink alcohol to get to sleep, it will backfire on you. Alcohol initially acts as a depressant and a relaxant, but then that reverses in a couple of hours into a brain stimulant and will worsen your insomnia.

8-   Smoking can be cut back by using the drug store lozenges called commit. Alternate every other cigarette with a lozenge to start. They will kill the craving to smoke.

9-   If you have a cold, your bodyís vitamin and antioxidant reserve is used up so you must supplement to boost your immune function. Take a multivitamin and at least 500 mg of Vit C. For cellular repair take CoQ10. You already have it in your body but it is used up rapidly during a cold.

If you have an autoimmune disorder, donít take too many antioxidant supplements. Youíre immune system is already in action.

10- Dry up your secretions with an anti-histamine. If you have asthma, antihistamines are contra-indicated but if you get the liquid form of diphenhydramine and just swish a teaspoon around in your mouth. You will absorb just enough through the mucus membranes in the mouth, to dry up secretions, which is the reservoir of fluid where the organisms multiply. Using this small amount will not infringe upon the lungs function.

11- Take a decongestant to open up airways. Remember they can act as a stimulant so better to take in the daytime.

12- Do something relaxing every day to lower your adrenaline level. Stress lowers your immune system and increases your chances of catching a virus.

13- Diet health:

a.      Keep your weight normal. Obesity and under eating will both lower your normal immune function.

b.    Eat more vegetables. If you cook, add them to dishes that donít normally have them, i.e. Chili, add a bunch of green beans, peas, carrots, etc.

c.     Avoid fatty meats, sausage, butter, saturated fats, hydrogenated fats, processed meats like salami, too many carbs. Avoid too much sugar and too much alcohol which turns to sugar, which turns to fat which infiltrates your blood vessel walls and your organs.

d.    Eat fruit for dessert instead of cake.

e.     Avoid foods that you do not like. Your body may be allergic and you naturally avoid them.

f.      If you know that you are allergic or semi-allergic to foods donít eat them. It stresses your whole system needlessly. Be the best that you can be.

14- Be good to yourself  by treating yourself to something soothing, enjoyable and healthy every day.

15- Newest antioxidant on the market: CARNOSINE!



Good Health to You!


Patricia Naeder, RN, BS

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