Instructions for submitting materials for publication in The Trumpet.




1.     The Trumpet is published MONTHLY, on the 1st of each new month.  Because of this, any contributions for publication in next month's issue must be submitted by the 3rd week of this monthThis deadline exists more to allow the Publishers to get the next issue out on time, than to limit you, the Contributor.   Send all contributions to:


Special arrangements can be made in advance for a contributor who is submitting their own originally written work.  Generally these original works take more time for Werner to prepare for publication.  Therefore, these special projects will be published in the Trumpet, when I get them ready for publication.


2.     Other exceptions to the Deadline rule

On the Main Page of the Trumpet is an item that says,

News Flashes

Need to get your news posted here fast? Email Ellen.


This item is for news that affects our general Tottenville High School readership, and won’t wait for the next month’s issue, because it is time sensitive.  Items that have appeared in this category in the past (but are not restricted to) are things like the death and funeral of a THS Teacher, or a Trumpet Staff Member, somebody that many of us knew or dealt with.  Changes like a change in Trumpet Staffing might also appear here, because it would affect a large number of Trumpet readers.  These types of things are time sensitive if there is an immediate need to know.


Several of our regular Trumpet pages can also be updated or changed at any time during the Month.  These include:


We Support Our Military and Our Birthday Lists.


Arrivals and Passings


Class Directories + Class Reunion Information.


To make additions to these items, Click on the 1st two links to open an email page to those Editors,


Or, your Class Editor for the last Item.    You can reach your Class Editors by using


Trumpet Staff Directory.