Limerick in Honor of the Reunion of Tottenville High School’s Class of ’58



We’ve come here to visit our school.

After numerous years that’s the rule.

But why did they move it?

To try to improve it?

Whom did they think they could fool?


We’ll cheer for the purple and white.

It’s Tottenville still, but not quite.

To our greatest dismay,

Our school went astray

And in Huguenot seemed to alight.


What of it? A change in location.

The school serves the same population.

It’s the people that matter

Wherever they scatter.

Tottenville’s us, in summation.  


We’ve come here to celebrate Us-

Despite our sixty years plus.

To remember past glories–

Revive favorite stories.

So why on earth all the fuss?


We’ll try to recapture our youth,

To forget that we’re long in the tooth,

To chat with lost friends

With foes, make amends

And, just-a-tad, to embellish the truth.


With diplomas now fifty years old,

We gather to rejoin the fold.

We left THS

With dreams of success

And all, in their own way, struck gold.



By: Shelby Berger Jakoby

September 2008