Posted on 7/8/2009

1957 Florida Post-Reunion Pictures

This is from the collection of pictures taken by Ron Benninghof

Friday evening at Ted Rice's House.

Joanne Lathbury Ryan; Florence Downer Mester & her husband, John.


Bob Davidson


Ted Rice


Dianne Lund, Carol Mach Knieriem, & Mary Davidson


Mary Dividson & Bob Lund


Sharon Rice (Ted's wife) has put in a full day already.


Sandra "Sandy" Reed Fox & her husband Jimmie


Bill Knieriem, relaxing.


Dalys Benninghoff, Ron Benninghoff's wife.


Mary Davidson, Bob Davidson's wife


Maureen Garvin, Joan Alvino Abbrussese & Joanne Lathbury Ryan.


The next day (Saturday) Ron & Dalys Benninghoff went to the sight see at the Marine Center.  The next few pictures were taken during that visit.


Early that Saturday evening, everyone met in the all purpose room at Ted Rice's Church for the Reunion reception and food.

Bob Davidson, Dalys &Ron Benninghoff, Ted & Sharon Rice, Mary Davidson


Carol Mach Knieriem & Bill Knieriem, Flossie Downer Mester, Joan Alvino Abbruzzese, Jimmy & Sandy Reed Fox


Dalys Benninghoff, Bob Davidson, Maureen Garvin, Dianne Lund, Sharon Rice, Joanne Lathbury Ryan, Bob Lund, George Tufte, John Mester


The Classmates

George Tufte, Maureen Garvin, Ted Rice, Joaane Lathbury, Carol Mach, Bob Davidson, Joan Alvino, Ron Benninghoff, Florence Downer, Sandra Reed, Bob Lund


Sunday Morning at Ted's Church

The group standing with Ted at the alter


After Church, they went to lunch by the riverfront

Carol Mach Knieriem & Bill Knieriem, with Jimmie Fox


Mary and Bob Davidson


Maureen Garvin, Bob Lund, Dianne Lund


Ted & Sharon Rice, George Tufte


Ron & Dalys Benninghoff


Sandra Reed Fox, Joan Alvino Abbruzzese, Joanne Lathbury Ryan


Half of us


The other half of us.

This is the end of Ron Benninghoff's Pictures


We'll start Bob Lund's pictures now. 

But everybody has already been identified in Ron's Pictures, so I'm going to place Bob's pictures one above the other without captions for the most part.

First set, The group that met at Ted's house on Friday night.

Sharon Rice getting things ready


Florence "Flossie" Downer Mester


Mary Davidson


Maureen Garvin


Joan Alvino Abbruzzese


Joanne Lathbury Ryan


Jimmie Fox


Bill Knieriem


Bill Knieriem cuddling Ted's cat



Bob Lund's pictures taken on Saturday afternoon.  Boardwalk and Jetty.

A Manitee comes close enough to photograph


At the Reunion Dinner at Ted's church on Saturday evening.

Sharon & Ted Rice, uncovering the food


Digging in, time to eat


Ted introducing the lady who provided the music


Carol Mach

There are no pictures of Sunday Morning in Bob's pictures because he rushed out of his house without his camera.

The End.